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Your Awakening Attitude of Service – new kindle book – Free!

My new book FREE worldwide thru Sat Oct 10. PLEASE SHARE WITH FRIENDS.YOUR AWAKENING ATTITUDE OF SERVICE: In Jesus- Words, Today – on the fifth level of consciousness.Be the first to review on Amazon! A LIGHT FOR OUR TIMES Due … Continue reading

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Thank you for being bold and persistent and strong.

The Youth Wave – You are The New Humans. You are The New Humanity. Thank you for being bold and persistent and strong. books charol messenger Kindle Print Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Charol Messenger. Official Author Website:  Charol YouTube: … Continue reading

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How Thrive in this Mad World? by being You 2.0 Self-Improvement is a Winner! You 2.0: Living Your Infinite Self is the International 1st Place Winner 2016 in Personal Growth and Self-Development! You 2.0 is nonfiction on how to overcome … Continue reading

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