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Your Awakening Attitude of Service – new kindle book – Free!

My new book FREE worldwide thru Sat Oct 10. PLEASE SHARE WITH FRIENDS.YOUR AWAKENING ATTITUDE OF SERVICE: In Jesus- Words, Today – on the fifth level of consciousness.Be the first to review on Amazon! A LIGHT FOR OUR TIMES Due … Continue reading

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Peace of mind and comfort in these trying times

Peace of mind and comfort in these trying times, from the Christ Consciousness of Jesus (eternal name Sananda). Blessings, dear friends. Published December 2019. 84 short meditations and new messages of hope from Jesus to all humanity. Nondenominational. Bridges spirituality, … Continue reading

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I hope you will watch my Live half-hour TV interview THIS Saturday May 4th – 6 pm eastern on Preach the Word Worldwide Network (50 million viewers). LIVE LINK: Studio waiting for you, me (author) and host (interviewer). 🙂 … Continue reading

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Video: Archangel Michael – Operation Freedom Earth

This also. More confirmation to me. 🙂 Yes, my soul is also Blue Ray, and yes my writings are from the angels. Oh, my. This is so inspiring. I am so grateful for this discovery. VIDEO AT YOUTUBE  YouTube: Charol Messenger Visionary … Continue reading

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