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First Airing of My TV Interview Today 6 p.m. eastern

Hi, beloved souls! I look forward to sharing the time-space w you today at 6 pm eastern for the first Global airing of my first TV interview with Preach the Word Worldwide Network. LIVE LINK: https://www.preachthewordnetworktv.com/copy-of-live-tv-1. Watch on any type of … Continue reading

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I hope you will watch my Live half-hour TV interview THIS Saturday May 4th – 6 pm eastern on Preach the Word Worldwide Network (50 million viewers). LIVE LINK: https://www.preachthewordnetworktv.com/copy-of-live-tv-1. Studio waiting for you, me (author) and host (interviewer). 🙂 … Continue reading

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Spiritual Tsunami

The ENERGY happening right now. Along with many others (I’ve discovered on Facebook), I had a vicious headache since Jan. 3rd. THEN magic started on the 6th. PEAKED on the 9th. HUGE energy driving me since the 7th. As of the … Continue reading

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Video: Archangel Michael – Operation Freedom Earth

This also. More confirmation to me. 🙂 Yes, my soul is also Blue Ray, and yes my writings are from the angels. Oh, my. This is so inspiring. I am so grateful for this discovery. VIDEO AT YOUTUBE  YouTube: Charol Messenger Visionary … Continue reading

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